Hot and cold-in-one Automatic Faucet

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    Hot and Cold-in-one Automatic Faucet

    Key Features

    Product Description · With Micro- computer sensor control module, imploded with Low-consumption microprocessor chip, stable features and strong Anti interference function. All of the components (Senor, circuit, plus solenoid valve, thermostat and battery) are deployed inside with simplified installation and maintenance. · With Micro processing system can memorized the adjusted sensor distance and store it into the electronic chip. · Deployed with mixer inside, user can adjust the water to a certain temperature by adjust the handle. · Two types of power supply available (Electricity and battery). · Sensor distance can be self- adjust according to environment. · PCB electronic control module is double sealed, it is coated by high performance waterproof membrane and then sealed with epoxy resin. · Faucet body is made of international standard #59 solid brasses, the surface superior electr- oplating which can prevent brass surface from corroding and keep the shining color last long. · The whole set sensor faucet is precisely produced and frequently tested, to ensure the quality of product is able to reach international standard. · With water saving aerator used in the sensor faucet, to prevent the water splash and the water flow is even soft. Technical Data ·Faucet spout material: solid brass with chrome finished ·Power supply: AC 240V or DC 6V (4pcs AA alkaline batteries) ·Battery life: 150,000 cycles ·Sensing range: 5cm to 22cm (automatic adjustable) ·Working temperature: 1 - 600C ·Water pressure: Minimum necessary water pressure 0.07Mpa - 0.7Mpa ·Supply inlet size: BSP 1/2 (DN15), male thread ·Installation diameter: single hole (32mm) ·Response time: less than 0.7 second ·Water stop protection time: 60 second ·Water flow rate: When water pressure under 0.3 Mpa less than 3 L/min

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    Germany ,Hong Kong ,India ,Indonesia ,Japan ,Saudi Arabia ,United Arab Emirates ,United States

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