Today Nov. 10th, "2016 Taiwan Excellence" Final Test!


We expertise at valve and sensor equipments for water, flowing down from tap/faucet since 1990 at Shen Kang, having 20 years over R&D for this realm, the Sales Revenue reaching to US$1M. in 2007. Also we are the only one to pass ACS approval in the world.

Distribution Networks include Amazon, eBay, Wal-mart, Home Depot, Costco, Newegg and several Internet Stores; holding several auto-sense consumer design patents in US, China, Taiwan, Japan, and European countries. With the view of foreseeing that which are described as Global Warming & Green House Effects, Water Resources Saving may summon up world people to practice for the daily drying earth.

Devoting to Disease Prevention, Sanitation, Environmental Protection, Saving Water Resource and Accessibility for the Handicapped & Disability, we RichFlow/Auto Spout has been accomplished, upon which we are worth for being introduced by Taiwan Excellence.

For 1/10 price of market, within 5 minutes, by DIY, your house faucet from manual to automatic, and save water to reach 70%; without removing original, only install this unit. Also advantage elder, children, disability and inability.

Product Features* :

RichFlow means water abundant flowing without deficiency when you need the water flowing from your house faucet/tap. Unite this smart, you can use it by sensor or manual as much as you want.


Of the smallest body, least element, and highest efficiency among the valves, installing onto the spout of faucet/tap, with which turns on/off water by inducing; data tells us that this smart unit may save water to 70% comparing with not. For 1/10 price of market faucets with sensor, and do it yourself within 5 minutes, your house faucet from manual to automatic, without removing original, only add this smart to it w/o labor cost. Not only we are made to Green Environmental Protection, Saving Water Resource, but also advantage elder, children, disability and inability to the effect of Anti – virus, enter virus, SARS, H7N9, and infectious diseases.